'The Voice of South Dakota Black Businesses”

Special Thanks to all that share this historical moment!

The SDBCC is dedicated to economically empowering Black wealth across South Dakota by: 

🌟Understanding legislation that promotes small business growth addressing the challenges of Black business owners while collaborating with policy makers from all political affiliations.

🤝 Helping members gain access to business opportunities in the private and public sectors.

💰 Working with financial institutions to create avenues whereby, Black businesses can gain access to credit, capital and other financial instruments.

🎉 Helping black business leaders achieve performance and growth through entrepreneur and business management trainings and workshops.

🌐 Aligning our initiatives with the United States Black Chamber of Commerce (USBC) and the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) leveraging our role to provide technical assistance, leadership and trainings by sharing best practices and industry data.

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